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MOMS Club of Las Vegas Summerlin Central

Membership Liability Release


I, the undersigned, understand that my participation and the participation of any members of my family in any MOMS Club function or program are completely voluntary.  I hereby give permission for me and my family to join these functions or programs. My family shall hold harmless this local MOMS Club, the MOMS Club Corporation, any MOMS Club volunteers or representatives and/or the providers of any function or program location and/or materials from any liability and/or accident, illness, injury, that occurs during or as a result of any function or program. I accept that the final responsibility for my safety and that of my family sets with me.

You have 30 days from today to request a full refund.  In the event you request a refund it will be given to you in the form of a MOMS Club check made out to you.

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