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Playgroups are one of our most well-attended events, and for good reason! They are a wonderful way to create relationships with other women and children. Many of our members make life-long friends from our playgroups. 


MOMS Club Las Vegas offers playgroups based on your child’s age. Playgroups meet once per week at a different location each week. Your playgroup includes the same moms and kids each week, allowing everyone to really get to know each other. Kids make such good friends this way! If you have multiple children of different ages, you are welcome to attend a separate playgroup for each.


Each week, moms take turns hosting playgroup. The host mother chooses the location and provides basic snacks for the kiddos. Popular locations for playgroup include local parks, our homes, and indoor playgrounds such as Kinderland, etc. 




Mommy Teresa has two boys, Dylan (1 yr) and James (3 yrs). She chooses to attend one playgroup for each boy. Here is her schedule this week: 


  • Dylan’s playgroup meets every Monday at 9:30 am. This week they are meeting at The Gardens Park. Another mommy is hosting and will bring pretzels and grapes for the kids. 


  • James’ playgroup meets every Wednesday at 2:00 pm. Teresa is hosting this week at her house. She is providing a snack of cheese and fruit.


Thanks to our team of hardworking moms, our calendar is always packed with fun-filled events! We average 2-3 events per week in addition to our weekly playdates. That’s enough to keep even the most active kids happy!


We have events for every lifestyle and every age:


  • library story time

  • stroller walks

  • park playdates

  • nature hikes

  • museums

  • farm visits

  • factory tours

  • and more


Take a look at our event calendar to see what you’ve been missing. 

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